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Hybrid Event (In-person or Virtual participation)

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Conference Details:

(-) will be held in , on 1st - 1st January 1970.

It is the hope of the Conference that you will join us, either in person or online, to take complete advantage of all that this event has to offer. This entire conference has been organized with the sole intention of allowing participants access to the latest research insights, opportunities to disseminate research, network with fellow professionals, and take advantage of opportunities to accelerate their careers in the discipline of .

As a highly anticipated event, drawing the attention of the global academic community, this conference will be built on the bedrock of outstanding research contributions by highly talented professionals from the global research community, public sector, and industry. Everything from conference paper, poster, and abstract presentations to scintillating keynote speeches, talks, Q&A Sessions, and Workshops have been planned as part of the ICEFB Conference organizers' overall focus on raising awareness of the contributions to nurture, cultivate, enhance and accelerate the adoption of the latest developments and innovations for the benefit of society. Over the past year, has witnessed unprecedented growth in the number of deployments, resource investment from industry and government, and attention from leading technologists.

The Conference will showcase the latest from the academic and research community in this field. It includes an extensive program of paper and poster presentations on the latest developments and innovations on this front, as well as associated disciplines, in order to offer participants a more well-rounded, multidisciplinary outlook on these advancements rather than just a one-sided perspective.

After being subject to a stringent editorial and peer review process, the best proposals have been selected for the benefit of the presenters and the maximum enlightenment of the conference participants.

Important dates

Early Bird Entry deadline 1st January 1970
Abstract Submission deadline
General registration
Conference date 1st - 1st January 1970
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